The Mission of the Kedzie Center is to provide accessible, high-quality and culturally-informed mental health care to North River residents through the integration of clinical practice, education, and evaluation, as informed by the community and in collaboration with local residents and partners. 

Our Approach to Care 

We believe in providing a safe space where individuals can explore their concerns and be treated as an active partner in the therapeutic process. Our aim is to make mental health care a collaborative process, in which clients and therapists work together to identify goals, individual and family strengths, community resources, and areas for growth. We are committed to respecting the worth and dignity of all people seeking care and to creating a welcoming environment where diverse viewpoints and experiences are valued. 

Where We Work 

The Kedzie Center serves individuals living in the area covered by the North River Expanded Mental Health Services Program. Please see the map below or call us at 773-754-0557 for more information about eligibility for our services.