North River community safety survey


The survey is available in: English, Spanish, Korean, Farsi, Gujarati, and Arabic







Puerto Rico Disaster Relief


The Kedzie Center is pleased to announce that we will be a drop-off center for anyone interested in donating goods for Puerto Rico disaster relief.  The goods will be transported weekly to Humboldt Park's Puerto Rican Agenda, a non-profit organization of local Puerto Rican leaders who have organized a hurricane relief strategy.  Accepted goods include batteries, flashlights, diapers, wipes, mosquito repellent and hand sanitizer.  Goods will be accepted during business hours through December 1st. Thank you for your thoughtful donations to our neighboring community!  For further information, contact TKC at 773-754-0577. 


Resources on Recovering from the Traumatic Effects of Natural Disasters

Available in English and Spanish


The Kedzie Center is offering to co-facilitate groups for DACA students and/or their families who wish to talk about their feelings of loss, grief, anger, frustration and anxiety/stress related to the possible termination of DACA.  Please contact us at 773-754-0577 if you would be interested in arranging this service at your site.  We welcome the opportunity to support DACA students in our community.  

A Toolkit For DACA Students:

DACA Renewal Scholarships


    Download Parent Resource guide HERE.

    Download Parent Resource guide HERE.